Port Harcourt Nigeria Hyatt Hotel

OT Development, a Johnson Group company, is pleased to announce the completion of its first hotel, the Port Harcourt Nigeria HYATT Hotel. Located in the heart of Port Harcourt NIGERIA, Nigeria's largest port city, it has a long and successful history as the world's first luxury hotel and hotel complex.

The modern façade of the building underlines the character of the harbour community and complements the surrounding inner city structures. For example, the spacious terrace overlooking the Potomac and Waterfront Streets invites visitors to enjoy the vibrant street scene on Water Front Street, while offering a generous outdoor area overlooking the river. With spectacular views over the Potomac River, follow the path from the hotel entrance to the Port Harcourt waterfront hotel.

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The new Hyatt Place will allow guests to enjoy a variety of amenities in this vibrant community, "said Corry Oakes, CEO of OTO Development. Hotel manager Ted Fleurimond said: "I am delighted to welcome our guests to Hyatts Place and dine at Bar Harbor.

The project participants include a diverse group of architects, engineers, designers, architects and architects from all over the world. The design team for the Hyatts Place Hotel in Port Harcourt is made up of five talented women.

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More About Port Harcourt